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Profession : Real estate agent


Mina Kolb :
April 26 1988
(# 940)


Real estate agent at the Sunshine agency, Mrs. Battefield shows a beautiful villa, one day of violent storm, to Gina Capwell and to Major Phillip Hamilton. The two potential customers do not seem to be bothered by this double visit.

Mrs. Batterfield must face Gina's changing behavior. At first, Gina does not find the villa to her liking, in spite of the large living room and the fireplace, but completely changes her mind as soon as Phillip Hamilton notices its qualities and its potential.

While a certain tension settles down between Gina (she insists on making an offer first, because she is the first visitor) and Phillip, Mrs. Batterfield must use diplomacy : she offers Gina to show her other houses and to leave this one to Phillip Hamilton, since her first impression was not perfect. The promise of a reserve deposit of $75,000 puts everyone in agreement and saves Mrs. Batterfield from any bad publicity from Gina : Gina is not able to sign it.

Mrs. Batterfield will thus see the sale being made to the profit of Major Phillip Hamilton, who had fun of Gina Capwell's behavior.

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