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Profession : Employed at the Armonti Industries


Ivan Saric :
March 15 1991
(# 1671)


Paolo introduces himself to the Countess Sophia Armonti at the Capwell villa, and both give the impression of knowing each other. Moreover, Sophia expects from him that he does not call her Countess Armonti, but simply Sophia. Coming from Europe, Paolo crossed the Atlantic Ocean to announce to Sophia Armonti two news : the first one is the death of her father-in-law, the father of Count Armonti, her deceased husband.

He also announced to her, and this is the main object of his move, that she is the heiress of the Armonti family and, as such, she would inherit, among other things, the Armonti tiara. Sophia seems surprised by this inheritance and yet, the Count having died in 1984, it seems that she is the only member of the family still alive. Paolo presents the tiara to her from a photo taken in black and white. It is a jewel of great value. Paolo tells her that the tiara will arrive in Santa Barbara in a few days. Paolo will not be present when the jewel arrives at the city museum.

Paolo also teaches her that the tiara is cursed : indeed, the women who wore it all died a few days later. A veil then crosses Sophia's look : and if, through her, the curse struck one of her children...

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