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? :
February 18 1985 (# 143) to February 19 1985 (# 144)


She is a background character, but very significant for the rest of the intrigue. Lucy Daly belongs to the big family of Santa Barbara only for two episodes.

We meet this brown young woman whereas Peter Flint is thought to be dead. Driving her car in the middle of the desert, she welcomed a hitch-hiker on board. While speaking, she turns on the radio. And there, she learns that the police force is looking for an armed and very dangerous man who is prowling around. Simultaneously, Lucy realizes that the description of this guy exactly corresponds with her passenger. Panicked, Lucy jumps of the moving vehicle, letting the possibility to Peter Flint of travelling towards Santa Barbara.

Fortunately, Lucy Daly hastens the following day to go to the police station, in order to prevent that, as opposed to what everyone believes, Peter Flint is not dead and that he travels towards Santa Barbara.

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