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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Call-girl


? :
October 23 1990
(# 1574)


In Gina Timmons' investigation to find Keith, Lola is the first person she meets. And what a person, since Lola is a call girl from San Diego.

Young blonde and attractive woman, Lola crossed (off screen) the road of Keith Timmons. And strangely, despite his charm and talent, Keith never managed to conclude with her.

Today, in the lobby of a hotel in San Diego, her road crosses Gina's. During a long discussion between the two women, Lola gets her address book stolen from her bag. Then, she accepts Gina's invitation : this latter will put at her disposal her talents of medium.

It is in Mack Blake's caravan that a strange session takes place. Gina reads the future in a tea bag ! Lola, without realizing it, gets duped by Gina and brings her information about Keith. Lola admits that she could not have sex with a guy she met a few days earlier. The man in question was still in love with a woman left behind. Lola gives details about the relationship of this man and this other woman : a story of bulls and peanut butter. Gina is reassured : she is this woman from Keith's past.

The brief meeting with Lola allows Gina to bounce back and to continue her quest of Keith towards Mexico, then towards DisneyWorld...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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