Seņor Renata




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Profession : Army chief of Bambero


? :
February 25 1988 (# 897)


Seņor Renata is the army chief of the small village of Bambero. The village seems of the most quiet until Kathleen McDougall arrives, by taking hostage the priest of the village with three children, among whom Maria Escobal, the mayor's daughter. Renata claims to be ready to take care of the situation : he gives order to his men to bring, as she orders it, some food to Kathleen. He makes bring almonds which contain sleeping drugs. Further to Cruz Castillo's insistence, and because he does not want to make his daughter to take risks, mayor Escobal requires from him that he obeys the Santa Barbara police detective.

Seņor Renata will not intervene in the hostage taking any more, leaving Cruz, Andrea Bedford and Cain Garver to take totally control of the situation.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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