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Profession : Judge


Bill Morey :
March 17 1988 (# 912) to March 23 1988 (# 916)


In charge of the file concerning the construction rights of the Country-club which brings into conflict C.C. Capwell and his partner Pamela Conrad to the city of Santa Barbara, Judge Bramwell has to quickly render a verdict. The situation is complex all the more as the lawyers are no other than Mason Capwell (for Capwell Enterprises) and Julia Wainwright (for the plaintiffs).

To strengthen their plea, Mason and Julia did a little investigation on Judge Bramwell. This latter invested in the real estate in Santa Barbara for several years, what consolidates Mason in his hopes of a favorable verdict. But on the other hand, he is also an ardent defender of animals because he possesses quite a real zoo including many birds, llamas... This second facet of his personality lets hope to Julia that the verdict will go in favour of the ecologists, the threatened animals and the flowers (of which a rare species, the Santa Barbara Immortal).

The hearings which take place in the judge's office are held in two stages : at first, the behavior between both lawyers surprises him because they are only billing and cooing by supporting their respective arguments. Then, after a break, they show themselves more aggressive the one to the otherá- each one trying, with his arguments, to reunite the other to his cause.

A few days later, he is ready to render his verdict : he orders to Capwell Enterprises to financially support the traveling costs of the animals, which until then were assumed by volunteers. His verdict is irrevocable : he confirms the construction order of the Country-club for the Capwell Enterprises, on condition that they assure the protection of the environment and of the coast. This judgment offers to Julia and Mason a new motive for quarrel but also it allows Pamela to get some more closer to C.C. Capwell.

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