Glenn Wallace




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Identity   Interpreter
Married to : Katie Wallace (198?-198?)

Child : Channing Capwell Junior

  Profession : Circus artist  

Jack Carter :
September 24
1985 (# 297) to January 02 1986 (# 364)


Glenn Wallace is in appearance jovial, always playful, but this joie de vivre hides another facet of his personality : an escape in front of his responsibilities. A circus artist, married to Katie and young father of a little boy, Glenn leaves one day all his life, crushed by too many responsibilities while his son is barely a few months old.

However, when years later, informed of the seriousness of the health state of his son Brick whom he has not seen for years, and in spite of contradictory information, he rushes to Santa Barbara hospital. Despite his absence, despite his fear perhaps, Glenn is ready, without restriction, to donate a kidney to save his son. This drama around Brick allows him to find Katie again and to weave with her a new relationship filled with tenderness and affection.

Glenn, in his own way, almost episodically, takes part in his son's life. Happy of his happiness, he attends his wedding with Amy Perkins, and knows a moment of reunion with Katie. He also enjoys seeing himself as Johnny's grandfather. This semblance of recovered life collapses to pieces, at the beginning of 1986, when he has to face the terrible news of Brick's filiation. He learns without too much anger, pain, rage that Brick is not his son, that the two children were exchanged. Glenn's almost essential concern is who the other is, that son he didn't know. Glenn seems distressed when he learns that his real son is now dead.

Runaway husband, absent father... Glenn is a man who, at the end of his path, for lack of real commitment, will have lost everything : a woman he loved badly, a legitimate son killed too soon, a son of heart whom he did not take the time to love... Glenn will leave Santa Barbara with a feeling of unfinished business.

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