The weddings of Santa Barbara
Amy Perkins and Brick Wallace


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It is at the occasion of this union that, for the first time, the production of the show decided to shoot a wedding (during episode 330), on location. To do it, they reserved a luxurious garden in the city of Los Angeles, where the scenes were shot. Afterward, only the "important" wedding will enjoy such a privilege.

This wedding occurs after some dramatic events. Everything begins nevertheless with a birth: Amy delivers the first baby of the Santa Barbara history, a baby boy named Johnny (in memory of her father who died during the earthquake). It is during her pregnancy that Brick gets closer to Amy, even accepting the fact that she fell pregnant to a man incapable to have children: Jeff Barber, the former boss and boyfriend of the young woman.

Just after the delivery, Johnny is kidnapped by Dr. Renfro, a doctor working for Jerry Cooper. Jerry is the cousin, but also the perfect double of Jack Stanfield Lee, C.C. Capwell's personal lawyer. Jerry then takes advantage of it to kidnap his cousin and to take his place with the Capwells and with Julia Wainwright, his mistress. Jerry Cooper works in fact for the Prince of New Stailand, who turns out to be the father of little Johnny Perkins (the embryo was inseminated during Amy's session at her dentist!). Helped by Brick and Julia, Amy delivers the real Jack Stanfield Lee and releases her son from his father's claws.

Further to these events rich in strong feelings, and back in Santa Barbara, Amy and Brick decide to get married in spite of Minx Lockridge's criticisms. Brick also adopts, at the same time, Johnny, whom he already considered as his own son.

The wedding ceremony of Brick and Amy, although shot outdoors, gathers only a few guests:

- Glenn Wallace and Katie Wallace, Brick's presumed parents,

- Marisa Perkins, Amy's mother,

- Johnny Perkins Wallace, Amy's son,

- Kelly Capwell Perkins, Amy's sister-in-law and witness,

- Nick Hartley, Brick's witness.

The wedding is followed by a small reception and by a picnic in the gardens. Immediately after their party, Amy and Brick will spend their honeymoon on Cruz's boat. To give a change of scenery to the young couple, Kelly and Nick decorated it in a Hawaiian style: garlands of flowers, etc...

In the course of the season, a part of the storyline refocuses on the character of Brick Wallace. This new refocusing allows a boost of the intrigue around Channing Capwell Junior's murder. The investigation is going to revive many wounds, but is going to allow, especially, the truth to come out about the real identity of Channing Junior. It will turn out that Channing Junior is only a cheat, and the one that C.C. Capwell worshipped as a God was not really from his blood. Indeed, C.C. Capwell is not Channing Junior's father. Sophia, before marrying C.C., had an affair with the worst enemy of the Capwells: Lionel Lockridge. So, the young Brandon whom C.C. considers as his grandson would neither be from his blood too.

Still more spectacular, we will discover later that this illegitimate son that Lionel would have had with Sophia, just after her wedding, would be Brick Wallace. The exchange of the children between Channing Capwell Junior and the young Wallace took place in the maternity hospital and was orchestrated by Minx Lockridge, who did not wish for her grandson to be raised by the Capwells. Lionel discovers a son in Brick and a grandson in Brandon. Brick will find with difficulty his place between the both rival families, and more difficult will still be his relationships with his half brothers and half-sisters, that is on the Capwell side rather than on the Lockridge side, who see in him as a potential rival in the race for inheritance.

For Brick and Amy, the happiness will be regrettably short-term, because later during year 1986, Amy will die in the accidental explosion of the restaurant Buzz's Place. Brick and Johnny will find some happiness again with Jane Wilson, before leaving Santa Barbara definitively at the end of 1987.

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