Frank Armsted




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Identity   Interpreter
Former known girlfriend : Augusta Lockridge (1985)

Profession : Milkman


Ronnie Schell :
May 15 1985 (# 205) to July 02 1985 (# 239), August 15 1985 (# 269) to August 26 1985 (# 276), December 24 1985 (# 358), July 29 1988 (# 1006)


Frank Armsted enters the Lockridge mansion as a new milkman and, soon, new toy of the priceless Lionel Lockridge.

While his wife is suffering from temporary blindness and that their relationship is in jeopardy, Lionel asks Frank to play the suitors for Augusta in order to restore confidence in herself and in her seductive ability. To do this, Frank has one thing to do : to read the love tirades that Lionel has written for him and especially to stop blundering and saying too much, as he turns out to be used to. As from his first meeting with Augusta, Frank, under her spell, gets hooked by the game of seduction and forgets Lionel's lines to invent for himself a past as a retired astronaut, used to make journeys to the Moon.

Frank, however, is regularly requested by Lionel, and begins to believe in a possible romance with Augusta. But when she gradually regains sight, she discovers that Frank is actually a puppet whose wires are constantly drawn by her husband. Augusta decides to deceive him during one of Lionel's sting operations, where he makes her believe by many artifices that Frank leads her by plane in a luxury hotel for an intimate evening getaway. Away from Lionel's eyes, she pretends to offer herself to Frank and simulates orgasm. Lionel, who can not hold it longer, discovers that Augusta regained her sight, and Frank finds himself put aside, with no more frantic romantic to dream of.

Frank, for a few episodes again, stays temporarily alongside Lionel, with whom a certain complicity get established, despite the ridiculousness into which he plunges at each appearance, too kind, nervous and especially a little simple-minded. He comes back one last time in 1985 on the occasion of Christmas to bring gifts to the Lockridges.

Unexpectedly, Frank makes a surprise come-back in 1988, a few hours before Gina DeMott Capwell and Keith Timmons' wedding. Whereas he has just robbed the district attorney's office in search of (fake !) jewelry, Frank takes Keith as hostage with a gun. But always inclined to kindness and senseless reactions, he finally agrees to drive him to his church, tied up and stressed out. We can only regret that Lionel is then absent from the show and that this absence has deprived us of new incongruous come-backs of a hilarious and very endearing character.

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