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Year of death : 1987

Profession : Henchman


Joseph Runningfox :
June 05 1987 (# 727) to June 08 1987 (# 728)

Tony Acierto :
June 10 1987 (# 730) to September 02 1987 (# 777)

  Josh Cruze :
September 25 1987 (# 793) to September 29 1987 (# 795)

Indian of the Apache tribe, Willy is a henchman paid by Elena Nikolas. His role is at first to harass Mason Capwell by phone at his office as well as at his home, and to imply him that his young sister Eden, recently missing, is still alive. Of course, he orders him not to speak to anyone of these phone calls, otherwise Eden will suffer the consequences.

Afterward, to confirm his statements, he sends to Mason a photo of Eden, on which is seen a poster for a show in May 1987.

Willy does not seem to be afraid of Elena's threats, because he meets her repeatedly, disobeying her orders, and wonders about the hatred of the young woman has for the Capwells.

Obeying Elena's orders, Willy stops phoning to Mason, then he kidnaps him and holds him prisoner in a former bar abandoned in the desert, with for only mission to make him sign a strange document. Skillful in knife throw, he hurts Mason in his shoulder during an escape attempt. Then, he admits to his prisoner the terrible truth : Eden is really dead, everything was only an illusion to attract him there.

Then, he receives the order, always from Elena, to prevent Kelly Capwell and Jeffrey Conrad to find Mason, and even to kill Kelly, without hurting Jeffrey. During their conversation, Willy clearly makes Mason to understand that Kelly and Ted are also on the list and that they will die at their turn.

He then concentrates all his attention on Kelly and, repeatedly, he tries to kill her. But Jeffrey always succeeds in preventing his plans from making a success.

Helped by accomplices, and after many threats and tortures, he eventually obliges Mason to resign himself. The mysterious document is signed : It is a will in which Mason bequeaths all his properties to Elena. Whereas Kelly, Jeffrey and Julia are about to find Mason, Willy, denying the clauses of his contract with Elena, attaches a bomb at Mason’s feet. He succeeds in running away with the money of his misdeed. But Mason finds his track and kills him by pushing him against an electric cupboard. Willy dies electrocuted, not having the time to suffer as much as he was able to make suffer Mason and his own.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

The photos of Willy
Joseph Runningfox

Tony Acierto

Josh Cruze