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Profession : Singer


Jeffrey Osborne :
February 05 1985 (# 134) to February 06 1985 (# 135)


Famous American Rhythm and blues singer, but also successful songwriter for other artists, Jeffrey Osborne is at the beginning of the 1980s one of the favorite singers of the young Kelly Capwell. Her sweet romance with Joe Perkins is moreover marked by Jeffrey Osborne's biggest successes : The Last Time I Made Love, The Greatest Love Affair, On the Wings of Love... Each one of these hits brings very precise souvenirs of their beautiful and loving story.

Present in Santa Barbara, Jeffrey Osborne accepts the invitation of C.C. Capwell and sings at Kelly and Joe's wedding ceremony. The last preparations for the ceremony are made on the notes of The Greatest Love Affair. The song is played until Kelly, in her white bridal dress, moves forward at her father's arm from the bottom of the nave, whereas Joe is beside his witness near the altar.

During the reception in the Capwell mansion, Jeffrey Osborne sings other hits of which On the Wings of Love, which allows the lovers to dance embraced together.

It is the first incursion of the real world in the Santa Barbara universe. Punctually, other American stars will make afterward appearances in the privileged world of the Capwells. We can regret (or not) that these references to our reality were not more numerous.

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Jeffrey Osborne