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Identity   Interpreter
Complete name : Melvin Bernard Stock

Year of death : 1988

  Profession : Movie director  

Mark Hutter :
October 15 1987 (# 805) to March 15 1988 (# 910)


Under his relaxed and boasters look, Mel Stock is nevertheless the one who, in 1987, is going to accompany Victoria Lane towards her forfeiture.

Mel meets Victoria while he begins the shooting of his new movie in Santa Barbara. Director of B-movies, he has already had the opportunity to make Victoria shoot and immediately suggests her to join his new production. From their second meeting, in his hotel room, Mel proposes to Victoria to comfort her of her conjugal setbacks with Mason Capwell, by sharing with her some ounces of cocaine. Victoria refuses at first, but eventually gives in a few days later, incapable to face the end of her marriage which she feels close and her suspicions of Mason's infidelity with Julia Wainwright.

Secretly in love with Victoria for a long time, Mel tries in a unique attempt to seduce her, but Victoria resists him. Nevertheless respectful of his muse, he does not insist and becomes before all his friend, his confidant. In front of Victoria's addiction to cocaine, he eventually stops sharing his personal reserve and encourages her to buy herself her own doses, what puts Victoria in obvious financial difficulties. But Julia discovers very fast that Victoria became hooked, and understands that Mel is responsible for it. Mel, as Victoria, decide to secretly follow a detoxification program and spend Christmas 1987 to be try to beat their demons. Mel then shows himself of a big support by remotivating regularly Victoria, and by making her get back to the center after she escaped to find her son, Chip.

Once out of his drug addiction, Mel decides to write a movie to tell his addiction and his cure. And it is again as a faithful friend that he helps Victoria when this latter is confronted with her divorce from Mason. For example, he rejects this latter who suggests him to have an affair with Tori to favor him in the procedure.

While everything seemed settled for Mel, this one reappears the next month again hooked and this time in a worrying health condition. Victoria helps him financially to pay his medical expenses and to get rid of his addiction. She brings him to the hospital the cocaine he had kept and destroys it by organizing with him a little ceremonial. But Mel duped in fact Victoria : he exchanged the drug with some sugar and, from her departure, consumes the dose which she innocently brought back to him. He dies from a heart attack within the next hours, letting Victoria feeling guilty to have given to Mel his fatal dose.

It seemed well necessary to punish the one who had, by his vice, led Victoria to live her worst moments. But nevertheless, Mel will remain a kind character inside of him, as prove throughout his appearances his sincere and frequent testimonies of friendship to Victoria...

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