Daniel Espinoza




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Profession : South America head of State


George Chakiris :
February 10 1988 (# 886) to February 15 1988 (# 889)


Head of State of a South America country, Daniel Espinoza has to come to Santa Barbara to give a conference about peace and cooperation between countries. Having shown himself very critical towards American politics, the American secret services are afraid that he can be killed by killers sent by a foreign State to give the illusion that the Americans are the real silent partners.

When he is introduced to Cruz Castillo, Daniel Espinoza is qualified as an upright man working in a corrupt system; a man of conviction who fights to end with war.

Upon his arrival in Santa Barbara, he is welcomed by Eden and Cruz. Cruz then hurries to take his place, in order to avoid his murder. Impressed by Cruz's reactivity, Daniel accepts his proposal : to change the place of the conference. Again, he escapes at the last minute an attack orchestrated by the Fox.

At the end of the conference, he leaves the city to return to his country, grateful to Cruz for his efforts to assure his safety.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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