Father Merlin




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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Priest at Vineyards convent


Christopher Thomas :
November 20 1990 (# 1594) to December 13 1990 (# 1610)


The investigation he leads for Minx Lockridge brings Michael Donnelly to re-cross the road of Father Merlin. Even if they share the same religious faith, they both not appreciate each other and had in the past several disagreements. Today, Father Merlin faces Michael who comes to question him about another nun of the convent and, firmly, he orders him to stop asking questions on Sister Angelique, and to leave.

The investigation and the words of the other nuns allow to know some of Father Merlin's secrets. With the help of Sister Angelique who entrusts that he knows well more that he says so, Father Merlin participates in placing children abandoned by their biological parents to confide them to foster parents. This is the way Minx Lockridge's biological daughter was adopted at first by Norma Flannery. Moreover, by searching his office, Michael finds the address of his partner, Sister Angelique.

Up against a wall, while Michael approaches the truth, Father Merlin, in the premises of Longview sanatorium, gives all the information onto what happened to Minx's child.

Although afterward this hidden child becomes a key character of the city, it will never be mentioned the name of this religious man anymore.

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