Marsha Connors




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Identity   Interpreter

Brother : Paul Marshall

Profession : Manager of the adoption agency Toddlers


Eileen Barnett :
June 09 1987 (# 729) to September 03 1987
(# 778)


Brunette woman looking like Augusta Lockridge (she often wears wide hats and seems to have a strong personality), Marsha Connors is at the head of an illegal network of children's adoption on a national scale : for proof, Johnny Wallace kidnapped in Santa Barbara will be welcomed by a family in Illinois. Several States, indeed, have a Toddlers agency which allows parents in lack of children to adopt in exchange for strong amounts of money.

Marsha pushes, one day, the door of Keith Timmons's office, with the firm intention to obtain from him a more or less legal help. Avid to settle in the Santa Barbara district, an office of the Toddlers agency, Marsha comes to appeal to the district attorney to obtain assistance and legal advice (in the bypassing of the law), in exchange for a consequent financial support.

Marsha crosses the road of Johnny Wallace in his father's bar and, at once, she understands the financial potential of this child. As a professional, she organizes the kidnapping of the little boy by playing on Jane Wilson's fears : it is by the way of false ambulance drivers that she manages to deceive the young woman's vigilance.

She also plans other children kidnappings, and even goes as far as hiring Gina DeMott to escort the children towards their new families. Helped by her brother, Paul Marshall, she intends to kidnap Chip Capwell; what will be her big mistake. Very fast, the suspicions of Cruz Castillo turn towards her association. Left by Keith Timmons (who has to face Jane Wilson's harassments), Marsha eventually  gives to the district attorney a phone number : the one of Johnny Wallace's new family.

Marsha leaves then the stage, only her brother stays in town, to concentrate completely in other crimes, in other States of the country.

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