Eugene Simmons




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Mother : Eudora Simmons


Daniel Chodos :
October 28 1992 (# 2083), November 18 1992 (# 2098) to November 19 1992 (# 2099)


While the trial of B.J. Walker begins in Santa Barbara, Eugene Simmons, son of Frank Goodman's old nursemaid, holds the missing elements which allow to give a more complete vision of Frank's personality.

Eugene always seems to live with his mother; his father died for about ten years. If he answers Reese and Jodie's questions, revealing the man that he is truly, he does not bring either explanations to the events from the past, or justifications for his behavior. He admits to have been arrested in the past for exhibitionism. If he recognizes to have been much in love, at that time with Frank, he does not recognize to have sexually abused of him.

Escorted by Warren Lockridge, Eugene however comes to testify at the trial, and to lift the veil on Frank's past, but also on his. At the bar, he recognizes having sexually abused Frank. Before apologizing to B.J. for the evil which he made to Frank and especially to the victims, he explains that as a child, he also underwent abuses on his parents' behalf.

Eugene will disappear immediately once his testimony ended, important link in the construction of the episodes dealing with incest.

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