Kathleen McDougall




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Identity   Interpreter

Year of death : 1988

Professions : Spy, nurse


DeAnna Robbins :
December 21 1987 (# 851) to February 29 1988 (# 899)


With two personalities diametrically opposed the one of the other, the character of Kathleen McDougall especially symbolizes the writers' rough change of orientation on the identity of the Fox. When it becomes obvious that Andrea Bedford cannot be this double agent, the nurse Kathleen takes more importance and her personality takes then another dimension.

She appears the first day of her work to the Santa Barbara hospital and shows herself very effective, anticipating her manager's requests. She works in the day shift, and she is regularly posted with young Dr. Scott Clark. She is the nurse of many patients, in particular during the explosion of the oil rig off the city. She also takes care of Cain Garver, whom she succeeds in touching because she understands the confusions connected to his past.

Kathleen demonstrates an attentive and obliging personality when she advises at the same time Gina and Scott in the difficulties which they meet in their relation. She also assures Gina that she does not have to feel threatened by her (the relationship between her and Scott is friendly) and she assures her that Scott is happy when he is with her.

At the approach of the conference on the relations between the United States and some Latin American countries, Kathleen is going to take more importance and to reveal a facet opposite to her personality, under the secret identity of the Fox. She becomes then a spy ready to betray her country, without any qualms and without the slightest consciousness : only her objective is significant, even if it means killing many innocents.

She asks to join the emergency team sent for the security of the conference. The Fox seems to be always present face to Andrea, to try to reach his mission. She runs away by boat for Mexico to end her mission which she was not able to lead to its term in California. She tries to kill also Eden, Cruz, Cain and the same Andrea when the latter is arrested. The ambiguity on the identity of the Fox maintained until then is raised during the trap which is tightened at her : after a battle with Cruz and Cain, she is unmasked. The personality of the Fox totally gets the upper hand over the one of the nurse Kathleen.

She manages to run away and to join Richard Matthews, who orders her to finish her mission and to get rid of any constraints. Pursued and trapped by Cruz and his friends, she has no other alternative than to find refuge in the Bambero church and, to assure her safety, she takes hostage the priest and the children who were there. Her requirements are simple : to drink, to eat, a helicopter to leave the country and Richard's liberation. Cruz succeeds in entering the church and Kathleen has no other choice than to accept him as hostage, even if she perfectly knows that he is going to want to play the heroes to save the children. Very fast, the situation gets worse. She hurts Cruz and requires a car in ten minutes, or she will kill a first hostage. While she tries to leave the church, Cain shoots her and, in the confusion, the hostages run away. Kathleen takes refuge again in the church, this time alone. The final assault is given a few minutes later. Kathleen points a weapon at Cain and Andrea, who shoots in position of self-defense. Fatally injured, Kathleen will have nevertheless the time to admit to Andrea that she is not responsible for her father's death in Baghdad.

A fast end for an atypical character (due to the transition between these two personalities), which would have however been able, if she had lived longer and written in a less stereotypical way, to teach us more at the same time on Andrea's past and on Cruz's past, when he was an agent within the I.N.I.D..

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