Sister Angelique




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Profession : Nun at Vineyards convent


? :
November 29 1990 (# 1600)


Called the "incarnate devil", Sister Angelique is a nun at the Vineyards convent for many years. Sister Lillian, another nun of the convent, does not give details on the real reasons for this qualification.

Past, present and future meet, however, when she receives the visit, almost 25 years after their last meeting, of Minx Lockridge, who always comes to her under the name of Madeleine Locke.

Past, because in 1964, Minx came to give birth to a little girl at the Vineyards convent. Past again, because thanks to Sister Angelique, Minx was able to abandon her daughter to a family ready to love her and to raise her as their daughter. Still past, because Sister Angelique, when the child was brought back to her, gave her to Father Merlin for a new adoption.

Present and future, because today, Minx returns to solicit her to find this child, her daughter...

It is through the words of Sister Lillian and Minx that the portrait of Sister Angelique is drawn. And as to know if she was so diabolical, the story does not allow to know it for certain...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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