Bob Schumacher




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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Jet pilot  

Grainger Hines :
April 16 1987 (# 692)


First link in the cascade of events orchestrated by Elena Nikolas, Bob Schumacher is the pilot of a private jet which was to lead Eden Capwell in the heart of the Utah mountains, on the occasion of her wedding with Cruz Castillo.

Bob joins Eden by phone and tells her he won't be able to fly the plane using as an excuse his wife's pregnancy : this latter is pregnant with twins and would already have contractions. He then advises to Eden, because of her skills, to fly the plane by herself, what she will be obliged to do.

After having received Eden's congratulations and after hanging up, Bob receives some cash from the hands of a stranger, who turns to be Elena Nikolas. At the time of leaving, she advises him to forget this surprise she planned for her friend Eden, and this meeting.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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