Angie Dalton




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Identity   Interpreter

Professions : Actress, psychotherapist


Carolyn Mignini :
December 18 1987 (# 850) to February 08 1988 (# 884)


Angie Dalton's course presents many similarities with Victoria Lane's. Today, they meet in Santa Barbara, but they would have been able to meet in cinema studios. Former actress, Angie has known the hell of drug. Today, if she managed to go out of the influence of cocaine, it is to help better the people (connected or not to the cinema world) to overcome their drug addiction. Under a severe appearance and a certain hardness in her words, Angie hides a charming personality determined to do her best so that Tori and Mel Stock win their fight against their dependence.

Angie welcomes Tori in the detoxification center and very fast the voices raise between the two women. Indeed, Victoria, just like Mel, badly bears the treatment and Angie's severe judgment. Angie obliges Tori to face the truth and to name her real problem : her dependence in cocaine. To help her to make this painful work on her, Angie does not hesitate to tell her her course. She wanted to become an operator on movies. But, due to the lack of proposals, she became an actress in pornographic movies, and she was then paid with drug. Quickly, wasted away by drug, she became another woman.

Throughout their talks, she obliges Tori and Mel to see themselves such as they really are : drug-addicts. She demonstrates to Mel, who believes that drug inspires him, that since he takes it, he was incapable to produce a good work.

Repeatedly, she shouts on Tori to be honest and to admit her drug addiction to her husband and to her family; it is essential for the treatment. She also explains her that she has to stop sniveling on her fate and to have to concentrate on herself. She does not either hesitate to tell Mason that he has to support his wife in this ordeal and that, by his behavior, he facilitated Tori's dive in drug.

She announces afterward Mel's relapse to Tori and she makes her understand, without false appearance as usual, that she is a person on borrowed time and that the slightest false move can be fatal to her.

With Tori's recovery, Angie will disappear from the show, perhaps leaving this latter even more alone...

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