Jake Redfield




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Former known girlfriend : Jane Wilson (1986)


? :
June 01 1987 (# 723)


Present at the beach barbeque organized by Laken Lockridge to celebrate her come-back in town, Jake Redfield is surprised to find there the young woman who was hiding herself under the mask and the make-up of Roxanne.

He approaches her and does not hesitate to harass her to get again her favors. Julia Wainwright's forceful intervention is needed to put an end to his parade. He then comes back to Jane, while she is discussing with Brick Wallace. Uncomfortable, Jane goes out of this situation only thanks to Brick's and Jake Morton's intervention : Jake Redfield ends at the door of the party.

This strange encounter allows Jane to confide a little more in Brick and to justify the existence of Roxanne : Jane has not known her father much, and in the same time her relationship with her mother was conflicting. Caroline was a femme fatale who could have any man she wanted. However, she did not realize her daughter's loneliness. To fill this emotional void, Jane has created the character of Roxanne. This latter was then becoming a sexy, independent and provocative woman, able to say what Jane was not able to express. Unfortunately, Jane catched in her nets only men like Jake Redfield, far away from a man like Brick !

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