Martin Ellis






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Former known girlfriend : Victoria Lane (198?-1986)

Profession : Professional tennis player




John Wesley Shipp :
October 17 1986 (# 566) to October 31 1986 (# 576)


Martin Ellis, a professional tennis player, comes to Santa Barbara in 1986 following the express request of Eden Capwell. This latter, having searched in the past of her rival Victoria Lane, discovers the existence of her former boyfriend, Martin. She goes to Monte-Carlo, where Martin is participating in a tournament, to convince him of the need to resume his place in Victoria's life. She lies while telling him that Tori has resumed her love-affair from the past with Cruz Castillo, the object of their discord, to get him in town.

Fiery and easily violent, Martin attacks Victoria as from his arrival, whom he surprises with Pearl Bradford. Martin is mistaken and imagine that Pearl is Victoria's new boyfriend. Jealous, he hits Victoria on her face. He thus breaks the last chance to see her coming back with him in Los Angeles, after she had moreover already drawn a line on her story. Because of their past affair, Victoria refuses to press charges against him, although Cruz pushes her to do so.

Realizing that nothing happened between Victoria and her former lover, Martin spills the beans to Cruz by revealing that this is his girlfriend Eden who has made him come to Santa Barbara without his knowledge. Cruz, thinking that Martin lies to him, comes to fight with him and hurt his leg. Martin then knows that his professional tennis career is compromised. His leg in plaster, he helplessly witnesses a violent argument between the two rivals, a dispute during which the names of Cruz and Katie Timmons are pronounced.

This is thus having lost for ever his job and the woman he loved that Martin sets off again from Santa Barbara, where he should have never come...

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