Annie DeGeralamo




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Identity   Interpreter

Married to : Ed DeGeralamo (198?-1990)

Former known boyfriend : Bunny Tagliatti (1990)


Profession : Waitress at Bunny's Lair


Sharonlee McLean :
March 07 1990 (# 1412) to September 21 1990 (# 1552)


Annie DeGeralamo is a young naive and quite whimsical woman whom Laura Asher meets while she was interned in an asylum for having attempted suicide. Annie surprises Laura many times in her attempts to escape and finally decides to try also the adventure.

Annie lets at first believing that she is interned for having killed her husband, a violent man named Ed, by breaking the brakes of his car. The story she invented is copied by Laura who, escaped from the asylum, causes a car crash to her husband Ethan in the same way. But Ethan does not die and Annie finally admits to Laura that in fact, she has never tried to kill her husband. Laura offers her a deal : that each of them kill the other's husband, so there is no evidence to incriminate the one or the other. Several attempts fail : Annie tries to poison Ethan's tea and brandy, tries to electrocute him in his bath, and even put a bomb at his home. Annie is arrested and are found in her diary mentions of her intention to kill Ethan. Annie realizes she has been trapped by Laura, especially when this latter claims that it is Annie who had the idea of the murder exchange.

Nevertheless, Laura finds herself imprisoned for the murder of Sasha Schmidt, whom she killed by mistake while wanting to get rid of Ethan. Annie rescues her and helps her to escape, in the hope that she will help her this time to kill her husband. Annie and Laura go on the run and rob several stores, including a bar where they take as a hostage Bunny Tagliatti, who has recognized them. After many blows on the head, Annie makes Bunny delirious. Under the charm of his kindness and his extravagances, she starts to have feelings for him and vice versa. So when the police find their trace, Annie gets his help to escape from them. She is hidden by Bunny in Santa Barbara, where, in disguise, she starts working for him as a waitress in his club, The Lair. But recognized by her husband, Annie is arrested again and thrown in jail. Then we will not hear about her and her madness any more...

Press article
Half-baked, 1990
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