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Complete name : Channing Capwell III

Year of birth : 1987

Father : Cruz Castillo

Mother : Victoria Lane

Sisters : Adriana Castillo (half-sister), B.J. Walker (half-sister)


Danielle Kolod :
May 18 1987 (# 713) to November 19 1987 (# 830)

Bryce Woolley and Evan Woolley :
December 02 1
987 (# 838) to February 14 1989 (# 1144)

  Brandon Farmer :
May 29 1989 (# 1218) to July 22 1992 (# 2013)

Young Chip is, even before his birth, a child of the secret. It is during an evening of thunderstorm, blocked inside a lighthouse after a wreck, that Victoria Lane takes advantage of Cruz Castillo's state of semi-consciousness to make love with him. Unintentionally, she falls pregnant with little Chip. But Cruz being engaged with Eden Capwell, Victoria says nothing.

When she meets Mason Capwell, this latter understands that Victoria's secret may destroy the couple formed by his sister and Cruz. Encouraged by his father C.C., Mason decides to propose to Victoria to marry him and to act as if he was her baby's father. But Victoria quickly regrets to have accepted, when she begins to suspect Mason of having an affair with his colleague Julia Wainwright. Furthermore, on the eve of her delivery, she learns of her gynecologist that her son to be born is intended to perceive the rich Capwells' inheritance because of an old will. Indeed, C.C. Capwell's father had planned that his first great-grandson would be his main heir, on condition that he would be named Channing Capwell III. Victoria begins more and more to think that in fact Mason married her only with the aim of winning a heir.

It is during an evening of thunderstorm again, when Mason is absent of the city, that Victoria feels contractions. Cruz comes to her help and leads her at his home. In the candles light, he helps her to bring into the world this baby who is also his. Mason makes him baptize Channing Capwell III and modifies his blood group in his medical record, so that the secret of his filiation is well kept. Instead of his real first name, Victoria nicknames him Chip.

From his birth, a first adventure waits for young Chip. Asked to make photos of her child, Victoria lets a man named Paul Marshall enter her home and approach her baby. But this latter is a dangerous criminal who kidnaps children to sell them for adoption. If a first attempt of kidnapping fails, the second makes a success. Fortunately, the intervention of district attorney Keith Timmons allows to arrest Paul and to give Chip back to Victoria.

It is like an unmarried mother (Mason having been kidnapped) that Victoria raises her child during the first months. This period will be all the more difficult for the mother and her son as Victoria has to fight against her father-in-law who tries to make her pass for mentally disturbed to obtain Chip's custody. Victoria, discredited to the Capwells' eyes and encouraged by her friend Mel Stock, throws herself in drugs and becomes hooked on cocaine. She has to enter detoxification and to leave Chip's custody to the Capwells. Because, meanwhile, her marriage with Mason fell through and the couple is about to separate.

At the beginning of 1988, once Victoria cured of her addiction, Chip returns with her mother. He undergoes a second kidnapping, this time with Wilma Grayson, a baby-sitter starving of children. He is again saved, this time by Cruz. It is just after this adventure that Chip seriously falls ill. Only a bone-marrow transplant can save him. Victoria, who can not be the donor, turns then to Cruz to whom she admits the truth : Chip is his son. Chip is operated and comes through without any trouble. Cruz is then well decided to be a part of his son's life, and even intends to ask for a shared custody with Victoria. This one, become hooked this time on painkillers, is not capable any more of taking care of her son correctly. She entrusts him just as much to Julia than to her friend, Major Phillip Hamilton, who releases completely this responsibility : Chip is even left alone at his home. But now divorced with Mason, she has to resolve to leave him to his only real father, Cruz. This is why when she decides to leave Santa Barbara to boost her actress's career in Los Angeles, Victoria prefers to leave with complete confidence her child to his father.

Chip's second life begins then, raised with Eden and Cruz Castillo and considered as their legitimate child in the same way as their daughter Adriana. Often guarded by his blood relative grandparents Carmen and Rafael Castillo, he however keeps links with C.C. and Sophia Capwell who also consider him as their grandson. It is because Victoria is so forgotten that Chip cries Eden at her disappearance in 1991 as if she had been his real mother. This is still why he refuses to see his father getting closer to another woman, in this particular case Kelly Capwell, the next year. In summer 1992, Chip leaves with his half sister Adriana for holidays with his paternal grandparents to Guadalajara, Mexico. From then on, we shall not have anymore news from him. We just can think that Cruz joins him when he leaves Santa Barbara such as a fugitive in September. Who knows if, since then, he found one of his mothers there, even both ?...

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