Dr. Ramirez




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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Doctor      

Alejandro Rey :
August 06 1984 (# 6) to August 08 1984 (# 8)


Even if this doctor only  appears in a few episodes, his role is capital for the comprehension of the events that will follow. He is indeed one of the only characters who knows what occured of Santana Andrade's child right after his birth.

Five years earlier, Dr. Ramirez, answering the orders of C.C. Capwell, with the help of a nurse named Delores Sanchez, delivers Santana of a little boy. On August 21 1979, Santana gives birth to a son, result of her love-affair with Channing Capwell Junior. And just at the moment she stood up to see her son, the nurse obeying Dr. Ramirez's instructions, puts her hand on her eyes. Santana does not see what happens then.

And when in 1984, Santana returns in Acapulco to finally know all the truth, she goes towards him. Under C.C.'s authority, Dr. Ramirez must not in no case betray their secret, ortherwise he will have to face the reprisals. Then, informed by C.C. that Santana is traveling towards him, he leaves the private clinic. Pretexting holidays in Germany, Dr. Ramirez takes refuge in the best hotel of the town. However, Santana ends up finding him at the bar of the hotel. Knowing that she is ready to everything to discover the truth, he proposes her a curious bargain : one night against what happened five years ago. Santana refuses to yield to his advances. She leaves him while preserving a big trump for her : the recording of their conversation.

Called again by Santana, he is constrained to reveal her all the truth, otherwise she will bring the tape to the doctors council. Having no other choice, he avowes : it is C.C. Capwell who cared of everything. Just at the end of the delivery, he took the child and gave him to C.C. Capwell. He saw him going into a black limousine, at the side of a woman dressed in red. He has not been able to see her face. That is all he knows. The rest should be required to C.C. Capwell. And that is how the light is done on the birth and the adoption of the little Brandon by Gina and Stockman DeMott.

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