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Profession : Doctor, hypnotherapist      

? :
April 23
1986 (# 442)


It is at Cruz Castillo's request that Dr. Reynolds comes to the personal home of the detective. A well-known physician and hypnosis specialist, Dr. Reynolds is regularly called upon by the police to assist in the examination of witnesses. Today, it is Pearl, witness present near the place of Madeline Capwell's murder, who must be the subject of a session.

After long negotiations, Cruz ends up convincing his friend of the honesty and professionalism of Dr. Reynolds. Pearl fears indeed, while he will be under Dr. Reynolds' control, that the intimacy of his mind could be violated.

It is with the help of a lamp that Dr. Reynolds hypnoses Pearl on Cruz's couch, in the presence of Cruz and Courtney Capwell. The details that Dr. Reynolds manages to bring out of Pearl's memory do not bring anything new to the investigation. During the session, Dr. Reynolds is obliged to be away for a while, the batteries of his hearing aid having to be changed, while Pearl is still under hypnosis. It is this moment that Courtney chooses to question Pearl and make him reveal his true identity. When Dr. Reynolds realizes this attack, he loses his temper against the young woman; but the damage is done.

Dr. Reynolds leaves Cruz's house, after informing Pearl of Courtney's aggression.

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