Shannon Pressman




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Father : Frank Pressman

Former known boyfriend : Ethan Asher (1990)

  Profession : Nurse  

Lori Hallier :
April 13 1990 (# 1439) to June 04 1990 (# 1475)


Shannon Pressman is the home care nurse who comes to the district attorney Ethan Asher's apartment, after his accident orchestrated by his wife Laura who tries to kill him. Hired by Craig Hunt, Shannon is in charge for taking care of Ethan.

While they soon begin to have feelings for one another, Shannon is confronted with Laura Asher's murderous madness. It is Shannon who drinks the poisoned cognac and who is driven to the hospital by Ethan. It is again Shannon who thwarts Annie DeGeralamo's project, came to electrocute Ethan. Finally, it is once again Shannon who surprises Annie came to put a bomb at the Ashers' home.

During their relationship, which becomes more and more intimate over time, Shannon confides in Ethan and admits being the daughter of Frank Pressman, a death row inmate, convicted for the murder of a little girl named Cassandra Benedict. Shannon finally believes in the innocence of her father and discovers that Frank was imprisoned primarily because of her mother's false testimony. Convinced of his innocence, like Ethan, Shannon goes to jail to meet him, but this latter turns to be very cold towards his daughter. Shannon is deeply hurt by this meeting. However, she does not lose hope and, helped by Ethan, she requests an appeal to delay her father's execution.

Later, Shannon meets her father again thanks of the intervention of Ethan and his allies, Stephen Slade, Derek Griffin and Craig Hunt. These latters, convinced of Frank's innocence, openly accuse Mason Capwell, during a party at the Capwell mansion, to be Cassandra's murderer.

After a love night with Ethan, Shannon takes up with her father again as from his release from prison, eager to make up with him all these years lost for nothing.

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