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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Pimp      

Paula Kelly :
September 25 1984 (# 42) to November 07 1984 (# 73), March 29 1985 (# 172) to April 10 1985 (# 180)


First singular malicious character (what will be thereafter the trademark of the show), Ginger Jones arrives in town to reveal Peter Flint's dark past. Eccentric until the nails bottom - just like Augusta Lockridge - Ginger arrives from Miami, after having read in a newspaper the engagement of Peter Flint to the young and rich Kelly Capwell.

Her arrival in Santa Barbara is not particularly friendly since Ginger comes to claim the 250.000 dollars that Peter owes her. She does not leave him any possible exit : wether he pays her, or she reveals to her future family-in-law his not very glorious past. In front of the threats of Ginger and her henchmen, Rip and Bobby, Peter has no other possibility than to use the Capwell account to repay his debt. So much more that Peter knows perfectly what Ginger Jones is able to : he has seen killing Nick, his friend, because he wanted to cease working for her. And because Peter is long in returning her money to her, Ginger, little by little, reveals his past. His real name, as his former profession. Because, in Miami, Peter - Antonio Fiorno was just a simple gigolo at her service. Joe is the very first one to learn this secret, at the time of a terrible face to face between Peter and Ginger.

Not fearing anything nor nobody, Ginger, to increase the pressure on Peter's shoulders, even goes until harassing him at his office where she does not hesitate to flirt with Mason Capwell, and to pass for the personal dressmaker of her fiancée, Kelly. Whereas Peter, on a blow of chance, turned over the situation to his advantage (he convinces Ginger to cease harassing him until his wedding with Kelly, if not she would lose all her chances to recover her money), Ginger decides to attack : she does not hesitate, during a fitting meeting with Kelly, to organize her own kidnapping. According to her orders, Rip and Bobby make irruption in the room, gag them and dope Kelly. By phone, Ginger orders that it is Peter who comes to give to her the 250.000 dollars ransom. But, after two unfruitful attempts, Ginger is obliged to release Kelly, giving up at the same time the town of Santa Barbara and her money, fearing to be apprehended by the police.

Ginger will come back later to honour the memory of Peter Flint; she will make engrave his real name on his tomb stone and, as a goodbye sign, she will deposit a red rose on it. And whereas Mason Capwell attends to Peter's succession, Ginger Jones settles in Santa Barbara and decides to launch out, just like in Miami, in the businesses, and to offer some "pretty girls" to this corner of paradise at the edge of the Pacific. As all the good society seems to league against her, Ginger offers to herself the services of an ally, until there unthinkable : Mason Capwell. Without home, without work, at the edge of the society, Mason has no other choice that to borrow some money to Ginger to survive (Mason needs money to pay an expert and a diamond-cutter to evaluate and to recut the diamond discovered in the Amanda Lockridge, in Lionel Lockridge's chinese box).

Ginger, as a perfect business woman, leaves him only a few days to repay her. And to maintain the pressure, Ginger does not hesitate to employ the strong manner : threaten, harassment... She even goes until lodging two of her girls in Mason's appartment. Mason is then obliged to accept Ginger's proposals, and it is how he officially becomes his personal lawyer. Ginger realizes then one of her best tricks, since Mason will protect her or her girls from the claws of justice, but especially he will try to make legal a business which is not.

Unfortunately the character of Ginger will lose some importance episodes after episodes (the intrigue getting centred on the investigation on the murder of Channing Junior and the consequences of the return of Sophia Capwell). And it is without another great moment that Ginger will set out again, certainly for Miami. Generally wearing some panther skin, Ginger Jones will be, throughout her short appearance in the show, faithful to the character of her fetish animal. It can be regretted that her character did not survive a long time to Peter, because as we know her personality, we should have attended some beautiful duel between her and Augusta Lockridge, and later with Gina DeMott...

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