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Professions : Nurse, archive supervisor at the maternity hospital      

Jill Andre :
December 18 1985 (# 354) to December 19 1985 (# 355)


Mature age woman, Mathilda Cordell works at the maternity hospital of the Santa Barbara city. Her position today is with responsibility, since she is the archive supervisor at the maternity hospital. No doubt that with the size of the city and its ancientness (she was already working there in 1961), Mathilda Cordell can only keep in mind the memory of certain births... Four children born on a very specific day seem to haunt her memory.

When she hears the name of Barnaby Wallace, Mathilda Cordell, who welcomes Brick and Amy in her office, lets slip the file she held in her hands. Destabilized, Mathilda tries above all to dissuade Brick from his research, then she works to complicate his task. Mathilda, like a watchdog, does not want Brick to access his file and back up the inevitable moment for the next the day. Although today she seems to regret her involvement, Mathilda is a cornered woman who can no longer back down, especially since the woman who pulls the strings and gives her orders is Minx Lockridge.

Subject to orders but won by panic, Mathilda Cordell can only obey and continue with her lies : Brick's file burned in a fire. This statement will be a half-lie or a half-truth, because she gives the birth records, the evidence of her faults, to Minx to destroy them.

Minx Lockridge's armed arm, Mathilda Cordell will live long in the fear of seeing her guilt being revealed. Stakeholder of the exchange between Channing Capwell Junior and Brick Wallace, Mathilda Cordell, when all the light is made, will however escape any justice sentence, any punishment. No mention will be made of her after that, Brick Wallace being fully aware that the real criminal is none other than his grandmother...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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