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Identity   Interpreters
Married to : Rafael Castillo (196?-198?)

Children : Cruz Castillo, Ric Castillo, Carmen Castillo

  Former known boyfriend : Harland Richards (196?)  

Carmen Zapata :
March 25 1985 (# 168) to May 22 1985 (# 210), November 04 1985 (# 323), 1986, March 09 1988 (# 906) to July 11 1990 (# 1500), June 12 1991 (# 1733) to June 14 1991 (# 1735)

Karmin Murcelo :
August 21 1990 (# 1529) to October 19 1990 (# 1572)


It is some weeks before the wedding of her elder son Cruz with the wealthy heiress Eden Capwell that Carmen Castillo makes her entrance in Santa Barbara. Proud of her Mexican origins, Carmen shows herself very possessive to her son, directive but protective, without realizing that this latter grew and that he is in age at the moment to decide himself how to manage hits life.

The first contacts with Eden are very cold : Carmen does not understand why her beloved son is crazy of a fair and rich Californian girl, while she raised him in the respect of the Mexican traditions, to favour modesty and simplicity. At first, she even meets C.C. Cawpell (whom she besides already knows) to try to prevent this union. Carmen will need time to understand that Cruz does not deny his education and his background by marrying Eden and to finally learn to love her future daughter-in-law. But the wedding ceremony, interrupted by a fire at the Orient Express restaurant, does not finally occur and Carmen eventually comes back to her home.

It is in 1988 that she does her come-back, again on the eve of the announcement of a new ceremony to unite Cruz and Eden. A lot of water has passed under the bridges and, this time, Carmen totally accepts Eden. But her directive character did not leave her and she tries to impose on the young couple as well the place of their wedding as the dress that Eden has to wear, always in an idea of respect for her family tradition. But Carmen has rarely the upper hand on Cruz, and recognizes more easily by a smile her fault of wanting to govern everything. Accommodated to the hotel or to Eden and Cruz's beach house, Carmen continues to make brief appearances in the life of her son, from his wedding to, later, the reunion with Adriana, her granddaughter.

If she never complained about her only daughter, named Carmen too, Carmen has however more brushes with her younger son, Ric. Already in 1988, she complains about his fiery and irresponsible behavior to Cruz, after he made her lose the family house. In 1989, when Ric makes his arrival in Santa Barbara after the death of his wife in Paris, Carmen tries to catch up what she may have missed of his education. But nothing changes, Ric is very too different from Cruz, and Carmen lives with it. The same year, Carmen also faces the return of her husband Rafael, who had left her to live on his magician's talents in Acapulco. Carmen shows herself often exceeded by the absurd character of her husband, in spite of Cruz's attempts to retie the loving links between his two parents.

Behind a frank and natural facade, Carmen keeps however in her a secret which she is obliged to reveal the next year. The return in town of the businessman Harland Richard puts Carmen in front of an error from her past : an adventure she had with this man while she was married to Rafael. Of this affair was born a child, Ric. When Ric learns the truth on his filiation, he is destroyed and is obliged to break his love relation with Tawny, Harland's daughter, who so turns out to be his half-sister. Already saddened to have hidden the truth to her son, Carmen suddenly faces her imperfection, her right to make mistakes which she refused until then to admit. A way to make the character less unidimensional and more subject to storylines...

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