Dr. Leonard Renfro




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Year of death : 1985

Profession : Doctor


Carl Held :
March 06 1985
(# 155)

Jordan Charney :
March 13 1985 (# 160) to June 27 1985 (# 236)


Dr. Leonard Renfro is proving, from his first appearance, that something fishy is going on about Amy Perkins' pregnancy. Shady and unscrupulous character, he convinces his colleague, Dr. Montclair, to let him take charge of her patient. As soon as she leaves, he takes his phone to call a mysterious interlocutor.

Because Renfro is certainly a real doctor, but it is above all a henchman working for Parker Simonson and Jerry Cooper, the cousin of Jack Lee of whom he took the appearance. While closely following the evolution of Amy's pregnancy, Dr. Renfro is interested in her boyfriend, Brick Wallace, who is quickly suspicious of him. Especially since Amy found out that Renfro is an acquaintance of her new boss, Jack Lee.

After Amy has learned that Jeff Barber, the supposed father of her baby, is sterile, Brick continues his investigations. Until one day, he is called by Jeff who, at the other end of the line, feels in danger and panics. Learning that Brick left for San Francisco to meet Jeff, Renfro calls some henchmen who murder Jeff and throw his body in a trash can.

He still needs the help of his henchmen to find the trace of Amy and Brick who fled away from Santa Barbara, feeling that danger awaits them in turn. He joins them at the Chino hospital where Amy is in labor. He immediately takes over Amy's delivery, to her surprise. From the birth of the baby, he takes him away from the United States and announces to Brick that he succumbed to respiratory problems. Brick refuses to believe it, especially when a nurse of the hospital confirms to him that she saw the baby leave the hospital alive. In front of Brick, Renfro has difficulties to justify that he has no body to present to the mother.

Renfro is shortly after called to the rescue by Jerry Cooper, who now has a lot to do with Kelly Capwell and her friend Nick Hartley, who discovered his true identity. With his henchmen, Renfro kidnaps Kelly and Nick and leaves a false letter pretending that it was Nick who kidnapped the young Capwell heiress. He drives her to an abandoned hotel and installs her in a machine capable of erasing her memory, so that she forgets what she learned about Jerry Cooper. The success is total, but Kelly escapes him, Nick having managed to deliver her before all her brain is reduced to pieces.

Renfro then goes to Jerry Cooper's hotel room and is surprised to find Brick, who knocks him out and drives him to Amy's. Tied to a chair and under the threat of a weapon, he finally recognizes that the baby is well alive and has been kidnapped. But he refuses to give the names of his silent partners. Suddenly a bullet is shot, and Renfro is hit. Jerry Cooper and one of his henchmen burst into the house, putting Amy and Brick on the run. Renfro dies a few moments later, killed by the man to whom he had always been loyal. He lets the rest of the plot around little Johnny and his kidnapping on New Stailand island unfold without him...

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