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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Guardian angel


Mitzi Hoag :
December 12 1990 (# 1609) to December 21 1990 (# 1616)


Visible and audible only to Eden's double while she is in the coma at the hospital, Briana is a woman dressed in a white sweater. She appears in Eden's mind immediately after Cruz's departure.

With a great sweetness and a great understanding, Briana explains to Eden who she is and why she is there. Eden's guardian angel, Briana is there to help her to change of places, to go back in time, to discover the identity of the murderer of Robert Barr. Briana is a bearer of hope. She is determined and inflexible on a single point : Eden must not intervene to change the course of history.

Most often, it is by the television set of Eden's room that Briana leads her to other places of the present : the courtroom for Kelly's trial or the Capwell mansion; places of the past : Sophia's house before she gives up to Lionel, the house of Robert and Kelly before Robert's death, the inauguration at the Oasis of Capridge Water. Whatever the place, Briana is obliged to firmly remind Eden the fundamental rule : she must not intervene in the past...

At the moment when Eden's double attends the scene of Robert's murder, a kindly Briana brings Eden's double back to her hospital room. The medical team is at her bedside. Kindly again, she guides Eden to remember to give strength and hope to the lying body, surrounded by C.C. and Cruz.

Briana, after Eden's awakening, will disappear as when the fog dissipates, leaving Eden the sweet memory of her loving and soothing presence; leaving above all the memory of the events that occurred during Robert's death.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Mitzi Hoag