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Real name : John Perkins

Year of birth : 1985

Father : Adrian, prince of New Stailand

Mother : Amy Perkins

Raised by : Amy Perkins and Brick Wallace


? :
May 28 1985 (# 214) to February 26 1987 (# 657)

Brian Wooding :
April 01
1987 (# 681) to August 14 1987 (# 764)

? :
September 04 1987 (# 779) to October 26 1987 (# 812)


The mysteries surrounding Johnny Wallace's filiation will have begun well before his birth, in May 1985. For his mother Amy Perkins, her baby can only be the child of Jeff Barber, her former boss and the only man she knew before Brick Wallace. But here it is : Jeff refuses the responsibility of this child, explaining that he is sterile.

By going to her gynecologist's, Amy discovers that this latter changed and that it is henceforth Dr. Renfro who will follow her pregnancy. It turns out quickly that Dr. Renfro is allied to other criminals like him, who try above all to hide the truth on the paternity of the baby to be born. At Jeff's request who tells him to have discovered some secrets, Brick goes to San Francisco to meet him. But upon his arrival, Jeff is already died, strangled. His autopsy confirms his infertility. The men behind Dr. Renfro gain finally a real face : Parker Simonson and Jack Lee, at least this latter's cousin who took his place in Santa Barbara.

It is during the travel to visit Brick's mother that Amy feels contractions and has to deliver. Dr. Renfro joins them to the Chino hospital, where he helps to give rise to a little boy whom he declares immediately dead. Amy is devastated, but Brick keeps hope and begins his investigation, because Amy is sure to have heard her child cry. He discovers that the baby was born alive and that no child's body was led to the mortuary. Furthermore, it turns out that Dr. Renfro was seen leaving Chino with a living baby. But Renfro denies Brick's accusations. He is killed under their eyes by the men of Jack Lee's cousin. The baby is at this moment already very far from Santa Barbara, on New Stailand island, somewhere in the east of Europe.

Amy and Brick decide to follow the track of the false Jack Lee and, accompanied with Julia Wainwright, take the train which leads them to New Stailand. Their journey brings them in time for the crowning of the new king of the island, who turns to be... Amy's baby ! All the truth is then daylight : the prince of New Stailand was killed by his wife, who was planning to use his sperm to get inseminated and thus obtain a descendant who would have allowed her to enjoy the fortune of the monarchy. Amy discovers then that a mistake was made at the clinic and that it was she who was inseminated without her knowledge by the sperm of a prince whose existence she had not previously known. But once the secret discovered, thanks to the action of the old King on the decline, Amy finally gets her son back. She decides to baptize him John, in homage to her father dead during the earthquake the previous year. So Johnny begins to grow up in the luxury of the King's palace, until Amy finally decides, after a few weeks, to come back to Santa Barbara where she can bring him a life certainly less rich, but closer to the real world. It is from the bottom of his basket that Johnny attends at the end of 1985 Amy's wedding with Brick, who adopts him as his son.

Then Johnny lives a life of carefreeness until the drama of September 1986, Amy's sudden death in the fire of Buzz's Place, the bar where she worked as a waitress. From then on, it is only Brick who takes care of his education. He acquires Buzz's Place, makes it rebuilt and renames it in Johnny's Place to pay tribute to this child whom he completely considers as his son.

In 1987, Brick begins to date a new woman, Jane Wilson. But this latter lets one day Johnny be kidnapped by false ambulance drivers. To amend her fault with Brick who is terribly mad at her, Jane is ready for everything to find Johnny. She even goes as far as sleeping with district attorney Keith Timmons to know the investigation secrecies which he hides from her. Johnny finally turns out to have been kidnapped by an illegal adoption agency, Toddlers, and given to a couple in Illinois. Thanks to the intervention of private investigators Cruz Castillo and Elena Nikolas, Johnny is found safe and given back to Brick.

After his dismissal of the police academy, Brick decides to leave Santa Barbara with Jane to make a new life in Nevada. Johnny follows them, for a little boy's life of which we shall unfortunately ignore everything...

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