Horace Slash




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Identity   Interpreter

Year of death : 1987

Profession : Private investigator


Steve Susskind :
July 16 1987 (# 747)


Hired by Eleanor Norris' real sister, Horace Slash is a private detective who is looking for her. Following a newspaper article on the Last resort agency (where the team is photographed), he shows up at Cruz Castillo to discuss with the one who pretends to be Eleanor Norris.

The explanations given by the young woman fail to convince him : the real Eleanor Norris was unable to return to duty, after resigning two years earlier. However, he agrees to give her a few hours to prove her statements.

With no possible escape, Eleanor has no choice but to lie about this man when Cruz comes back home, and to offer him an appointment that evening, in a bar. But instead of discussing things with him, she kills him and hides his body in a trash can, before burning his identity cards.

The brief appearance of Horace Slash allows, if it was still necessary to do so, to  show us the darkness of Eleanor Norris. In addition, he serves primarily to give a first indication about the possible revelations on her true identity.

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