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Profession : Guardian angel      

Peggy Pope :
December 25 1986 (# 613) to December 26 1986 (# 614)


It is during the Christmas holidays of 1986 that Gina's path crosses her guardian angel's. Becky, during her meeting with Gina while she regains consciousness after having taken an electric shock, explains to her that she is an angel, that she is her guardian angel. But in reality, as Becky says, she is not quite an angel yet because she is here to earn her wings… Becky's appearance is however not that of an angel at the time of her appearance in front of Gina : she is dressed with a black shirt with lace and an old hat of pink color and feathers (the guardian angel is live up to Gina !).

Her mission is to realize Gina's wish, and to show her her impact on the others' lives. After having tried to capture all Gina's attention (many times, Becky raises her eyes to the sky, aware of the difficulty of the mission entrusted to her), Becky accompanies her with the main characters of Santa Barbara to measure the impact of her absence. Just as in Capra's film It's a Wonderful Life, from which this episode is freely inspired, Gina discovers that the life of the others would be different without her. Amy would be alive, Eden and Cruz would always be together and Mason would live happily with the love of his life, Mary... It is her supposed part of responsibility in Mary's death that awakens Gina's consciousness.

If the first stages of the journey of Becky and Gina are dark, the following ones are happier. Because, Becky gives hope to Gina : without her, Brandon would have gone wrong, Hayley would not be with Ted, and Kelly would be in prison.

Becky touched Gina's heart and soul forever. If Becky becomes an angel, Gina remains the same; she was nevertheless very close to change and to give the videotape exonerating Kelly to C.C....

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