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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Volunteer at the fertilization clinic      

? :
February 06 1990 (# 1391) to February 08 1990 (# 1393)

Volunteer at the city's fertilization clinic, Claire is a young, short-haired brunette woman who is fully involved in her work. She is the one who welcomes Laura Asher, who came to the clinic to be inseminated without her husband's knowledge. While naturally talking with Laura, Claire tries to make her answer the different questions to complete her file. Laura, who knows to she is an important woman in the city society, plays subtlety to avoid giving clear and precise answers. The first meeting between the two women is most pleasant.

Their next meetings, result of chance, will highlight the fragile and complex character of Laura's psyche. The next two times, Claire crosses Laura's road (both times with Mack Blake) at the Orient Express.

If the first time, their words are most banal, although Laura explains that they met at her psychiatrist; the second time, Claire tells Laura of the immense joy that inhabits her. Indeed Claire just found out she is pregnant. Mack listens with a discreet ear to Claire's last words to Laura - she assures her that she will experience the same joy, when she will be pregnant too. Mack then discovers Laura's dark secret : she is not pregnant, as she pretends to be.

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