Vanessa DeFranco




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Identity   Interpreter
Brothers : Guido DeFranco, Pino DeFranco

Former known boyfriend : Bunny Tagliatti (1989)




Denise Gentile :
March 09 1989 (# 1161) to May 17 1989 (# 1210)


A character so unpredictable as Bunny Tagliatti was needed to try, at this beginning of 1989, to delight his heart. The find of the writers : to make her a female Bunny !

Vanessa DeFranco appears first of all as the granddaughter of the maffioso dynasty to whom the Tagliattis has a debt. Mario, Bunny's uncle, so obliges his nephew to marry Vanessa, a young rebel woman and eternal single. Not interested either in the idea of an arranged marriage, Vanessa agrees to run away with Bunny and takes refuge in the cellar of the Lockridge villa where he lives. To evolve out of sight, she disguises as a man and pretends to be Vance, Bunny's cousin. However she falls very fast under Bunny's charm and kindness and tries to seduce him. She does not moreover understand why this latter swears only by Gina Timmons, whom she finds stupid and vulgar. After many efforts, she finally succeeds in attracting Bunny in her bed.

While one day Bunny is also disguised (in woman), he and Vanessa are surprised kissing each other by Gina. Vanessa is forced to admit her real identity and to leave the villa. But she is well decided not to leave Bunny behind her. This latter however already gave up to the young woman, always attracted by Gina and only Gina. With the help of her brothers, Vanessa organizes a quick wedding ceremony during which she obliges Bunny using force to participate. This latter goes as far as denying his name and his belonging to the Tagliattis to escape her.

While Gina is hired as a singer at Bunny's Lair, Vanessa discovers that she uses a stand-in for her voice. To compromise her, she kidnaps the real singer and lets Gina make a fool of herself in public. But in spite of it, Bunny does not decide to fall in her arms.

Vanessa seems then to give up definitively Bunny, because she disappears from then on from the show without a farewell, taking with her her vitality and her whim.

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Denise Gentile