Will Morton




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Year of death : 1987

Child : Jake Morton

Profession : Ostler at the Abernathy stables




Redmond Gleeson :
May 22 1987 (# 717)

Russell Johnson :
August 19 1987 (# 767) to August 20 1987 (# 768)


It is Ted Capwell who proposes a job at the Abernathy stables to Will Morton, and this for numerous reasons (by kindness, by envy to hurt Jake who refused the job, to show to Hayley that he is not so cold as she thinks, to take Jake away from Hayley). Ted offers him this second chance to resume a job which pleases him, and to find his son.

Will appears at Johnny's Place to ask for an advance to Ted, who hurries to give it to him. But Jake, who is also present, becomes immediately enraged with his father, accusing him of always looking for false excuses to pay his alcohol. Very fast, Jake's anger against his father concentrates on Ted, considering him irresponsible to have hired this former alcoholic.

Immediately after, it turns out that Jake is right : Will is surprised drinking and smoking by Laken, then by Mr. Abernathy. This latter blames Ted for having resumed this employee, dismissed fifteen years ago, further to serious mistakes.

Will comes back a while later, to request an accommodation towards with son. He was forced to leave the campsite where he lived after having quarrelled with the manager to have listened to music too loudly. Welcomed by Jake, Will perfectly realizes that this situation does not delight him, while he asks only for a two to three days limited accommodation. Will is obliged to justify himself and to invent a story to explain the presence of a bottle of alcohol in his bag. The estrangement between both men persists, because Jake can not forget the past and his wounds.

After his son's departure, Will is laid down by a heart attack. He is discovered by Jake and Hayley, before being driven to the hospital. There, feeling death close to him, Will offers his apologies to Jake for the life he gave him. In this hospital room, Jake forgets the past and admits to his father that in spite of everything, he has never stopped loving him and admiring him.

One moment later, Will dies. And to honor his memory, Jake organizes a private ceremony in the presence of Hayley and their friends. During this ceremony, we shall learn a little more about Will, of whom the fact that he was decorated for the Korean War.

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Redmond Gleeson

Russell Johnson