Sylvia Willoughby




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Identity   Interpreter

Father : Dr. Willoughby


Judith Hawking :
May 24 1988 (# 960) to June 02 1988 (# 967)


Daughter of the sinister Dr. Willoughby, Sylvia appears quite frail to fight against a father as demoniac than hers. And yet...

And yet, because she can not stand anymore the men huntings of her father, she decides to help his last prey who turns to be Cruz Castillo (who ran aground on the island). Surprised by her father while she helps him to escape, she accepts the burden of his punishment. By powerlessness, undoubtedly. By lassitude certainly. And yet...

However, at the time of an ultimate face to face, she will find her father, a rifle in the hand. In front of Eden and of Cruz, this is her who will shoot to oblige her father to surrender. Sylvia puts thus a term to a long list of victims, man-preys hunted for the only pleasure of an insane man.

However, in spite of the greatness of her act and Cruz's promise to come back to take her with him, Sylvia Willoughby will disappear at the same time as her father from the story of Santa Barbara.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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