Lydia Saunders




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Identity   Interpreter

Father : Ed Saunders

Former known boyfriend : C.C. Capwell (1988)


Profession : Journalist at channel KSB 8


Jeanna Michaels :
July 27 1988 (# 1004) to November 22 1988 (# 1088), January 25 1989 (# 1130)


Stereotype of the journalist eager for scoops and without scruples, Lydia Saunders will have known how, throughout her appearances in the show, to win in depth and in humanity.

When she turns up in Santa Barbara in summer 1988, Lydia has for objective to direct a report on the Capwell family depicting its dark side, so public as private. For this, she gets closer of C.C., who in a game of attraction-aversion, eventually falls under Lydia's charm and determination and dates her. Alerted by Eden on the infamous nature of the report which Lydia prepares, C.C. eventually makes disappear all the recordings already done and makes the project null and void.

Not considering herself defeated, Lydia becomes from then on the producer of the television news of the local channel KSB 8, where Eden has just been hired as a journalist. Witness of an aggression between Eden and the young offender Critter, Lydia hesitates to exploit the event for her TV news, or to take Eden's sides. She finally chooses this second way after her colleague's rape. Learning that one of the suspects is Cain Garver, she gets closer to him under a false pretext and decides to lead her investigation. She becomes allied to police lieutenant Vic Boswell and plays for him the spies during the costume ball that C.C. Capwell organizes for Halloween. In spite of her vigilance, Cain escapes her during the party, in the course of which Andrea Bedford is raped and murdered in her turn.

Nevertheless, the time she spent with Cain allows Lydia to be convinced of his innocence. She puts the police on the track of Major Phillip Hamilton whom she considers suspicious. In spite of the threats this one utters her, Lydia persists and uses her function of TV newscaster to announce publicly her opinions on the investigation. While at the hospital, Cain rebels against a policeman come to arrest him, Lydia lets herself being taken hostage by this latter to help him to run away. Hidden in an abandoned barn, they are joined by the police. But Cain is finally acquitted and left free. Lydia, moved by this adventure, shares to Cain her feelings which began to born for him. But this latter prefers to leave town to go back to the Utah mountains.

The end of this storyline also sounds the end of Lydia Saunders character. The journalist will make only a last appearance at the beginning of 1989, in the course of which she will have unfortunately found back the perfidious and unrelenting personality who characterized her in her debuts.

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