Jack Lee & Jerry Cooper




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Identity   Interpreter

Complete name : Jack Stanfield Lee

Child : Kirk Cranston


Former known girlfriends : Augusta Lockridge (198?), Julia Wainwright (198?, 1985)

Profession : Lawyer, special adviser of the President of the United States


Joel Crothers :
April 10 1985 (# 180) to September 05 1985 (# 284)

Mark Schneider :
August 28 1985 (# 278)


New emblematic character of 1985, Jack Lee could have known a longer destiny in Santa Barbara if the sudden death of his interpreter had not precipitated his premature disappearance. Naturally charming and sure of his competences, Jack is presented as the irreproachable lawyer of C.C. Capwell. Whereas he tries to seduce Augusta Lockridge, his way crosses that of Augusta's sister : Julia Wainwright. In spite they frequented each other in the past, Jack does not recognize her. But very quickly, not to make the masks fall, Jack enters the game, and seduces besides easily Julia, lawyer like him, who had however given up love.

It however very quickly appears that he is implied in the pregnancy of Amy Perkins. To keep the control on the situation, he offers to Amy a job of secretary, and allows his accomplice, Dr. Renfro, to follow her pregnancy. Besides, Jack seeks to weaken C.C. Capwell : for that, he charges Brandy Fairbanks to seducez Mason and to kill Kelly. Intrigued by his changes of behavior (Jack is suddenly begun a smoker and ambidextrous), Kelly Capwell, with Nick Hartley's help, tries to discover the truth. Thanks to his henchmen, Jack succeeds in trap her in a ghost town. He then asks Dr. Renfro to practice on her the experimentation of his last invention : a memory eraser. Jack is surprised in his action by Nick, but Kelly has already lost a big part of her memories of her love for Nick.

With the birth of Amy's baby, the events get in a hurry. Feeling the trap tightening him, Jack panics. To  get safe from it, he is obliged to kill his accomplice, Dr. Renfro. Jack then lets us see his true face : he is not in fact the one we believe he is. It is indeed to his lookalike cousin, Jerry Cooper, that the inhabitants of Santa Barbara have to deal with ! Jack has in fact been kidnapped by Jerry and sequestered on New Stailand island, not far from the famous baby of Amy. Because it is on the behalf of the princess of this small principality lost in Europe who was looking for a heir, that Jerry Cooper has kidnapped the child. Found there by Julia, Amy and Brick Wallace, Jack finally regains Santa Barbara and by the same occasion his real identity.

Even if Julia endeavours to find in him the man she loved, Jack is well decided to break with everything that can still link him to his cousin and to lead his own existence according to his own intentions. Some intentions not necessarily as benevolent as those one could have otherwise expected : obtaining the direction with Eden Capwell of her father's enterprises, then plunged in a semi-coma, Jack drawns a machiavelic strategy : to keep off Cruz Castillo, Eden's lover, of her, in order to seduce her and to obtain the seizure of the Capwell empire. Whereas he had just put his plan at execution while making play his relations to send Cruz in Mississippi, Jack suddenly disappears for New York without any explanation.

It is finally another character, Kirk Cranston, who will come to take over Jack's tortuous plan a few weeks later. Turning to be Jack's illegitimate son, Kirk thus extends the destiny of a character who still promised quite good bounces...

Press article
Joel Crothers, 1985
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Joel Crothers

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