Joel Crothers


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Joel Crothers began on The Secret Storm as Ken Stevens, a married man who disrupted his mild-mannered life when he entered into an affair with a pianist named Lauri. His wife, Jill, divorced him and remarried wealthy Hugh Clayborn. Tragedy struck them all when, after Jill gave birth to Ken's child, she, Hugh and Ken were killed in a plane crash.

Crother's next role was on Dark Shadows, the gothic soap about vampires and witches, which became a cult of sorts. Unlike most soaps, the action revolved around live corpses, burials, unknown ailments, and be-deviled characters, one of which was Joel's Joe Haskell.

Following a stint on Somerset as Julian Cannell, Crothers joined Edge of Night as Dr. Miles Cavanaugh, and became one of the most beloved characters on the show. Miles fell in love with Nicole Drake, while he was married to a gravely ill Denise. Denise plotted to kill herself and make it appear as if Miles and Nicole had murdered her. Her plan backfired, however, when it was discovered that Denise's own father killed her ! Miles and Nicole remained happily married until Nicole was tragically killed. When Edge of Night was cancelled in 1984, Miles had finally found happiness once again with Beth Correll and the two married.

Now, Crothers plays the dual roles of Les Cooper and J. Stanfield Lee (in Santa Barbara). Les is a mysterious, villainous character who has assumed the identity of his cousin, Lee.