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Complete name : Victor Boswell

Married to : Cheryl Boswell (1982-...)

Professions : Police lieutenant, police captain

Wendell J. Grayson :
September 08 1988 (# 1035) to October 27 1988 (# 1070)

Rick Fitts :
September 26 1988 (# 1047) to September 27 1988 (# 1048)


Russell Curry :
October 28 1988 (# 1071) to August 14 1992 (# 2030)

Tom Wright :
September 14 1992 (# 2051) to December 03 1992 (# 2108)


Lieutenant Vic Boswell appears for the first time on screen during the investigation on the video rapist, in September 1988. Active member of the Santa Barbara police, he often comes to conflict with Cruz Castillo whom he considers too much hothead, maybe a little bit jealous of his sex-appeal and his successes. As a fine strategist, he puts journalist Lydia Saunders on Cain Garver's track, whom he suspects of being at the origin of the rapes and murders which create the panic in the city.

He accompanies from then on Cruz in most of his investigations, intervening sometimes solo according to the availability of this latter. Professional and very respectful of the rules and the hierarchy, he knows how to adapt himself to the changes of district attorneys (Ethan Asher, Julia Wainwright) and eventually gains, in time, in sympathy towards Cruz.

During four years, from 1988 till 1992, he remains a secondary character, present when police missions require him, but without his personal life is approached. It is only in March 1992, at the high school reunion party, that we discover that he is a former fellow student of Cruz's, but also Jodie and Reese Walker's. We also learn that he is married, but without this plot is never developed.

Vic Boswell intervenes to recruit Jodie and Reese within the Santa Barbara police. Turned captain, he supervises them from now on, as well as Cruz.

If a renewed interest of the writers for the character could let hope that we learn more on him, that is not the case. Again, Vic Boswell is the object only of sporadic appearances, before disappearing in the depths of the police station a few weeks before the end of the show.

The photos of Vic
Wendell J. Grayson

Rick Fitts

Russell Curry

Tom Wright