Dr. Denise Foxworthy




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Identity   Interpreter
Former know boyfriend : Dash Nichols (1991)

Profession : Psychiatrist


Victoria Mallory :
April 02 1991 (# 1683) to June 17 1991 (# 1736)


Specialist of the treatment of women victims of rapes, Dr. Denise Foxworthy is contacted by Julia Wainwright to help her after the aggression she says to be victim of. At first sight, Denise has no reason to doubt the drama Julia tells her to have lived, even if the court acquitted her aggressor, Dash Nichols, estimating not to have enough proofs to charge him. Tenacious and professional, she succeeds in winning Julia's confidence and in inciting her to start a therapy.

It is very fast after these first sessions that she meets, in the bar in front of her office, a man named Nick, a carpenter. What she ignores is that behind this pen name hides in fact Dash, come to inquire after what Julia tells on him behind his back. Denise is quickly seduced by Dash, and they both begin to date. The comings and goings between Julia, Denise and Dash get multiplied, without both women ever discover the truth.

On Julia's recommendations, Denise is afterward contacted by Cruz Castillo to help his wife Eden, whose recent actions let guess a grave psychological problem. Denise does not need more than a few moments to diagnose at Eden a split personality disorder. But the events accelerate and Eden disappears in the ocean after a (volunteer) fall from a cliff. Denise feels then guilty not to have known to predict such a danger and avoided this drama.

It is the moment that Dash chooses to make his confessions to Denise : he is not this Nick whom she believed to date, but Dash Nichols, the one Julia accuses of having raped her. Denise is devastated, shocked to have given all her trust to a man whose acts she fights for years in therapy. She makes Julia come to her office to tell her that she cannot be her psychiatrist any more, when Dash arrives who reveals her their affair. Not only Denise does not succeed in getting back Julia's trust, but she begins in more to doubt her version of the facts. Having dated Dash for several weeks, she realizes his nice and respectful personality, and does not find in him the image of the rapist depicted by Julia.

It is there that the path of both women parts, and that Denise disappears from the screen. The character, very human and appealing, would nevertheless have deserved, with or without Dash, to pursue her adventures...

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