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Former known boyfriend : David Laurent (198?)      

Tina Louise :
May 01 1986 (# 448)


Found by Nick Hartley, Cassandra Dunn presents herself one afternoon in Santa Barbara to talk with Julia Wainwright, as part of the preparation of David Laurent's trial for the murder of his wife Madeline Capwell. Cassandra is a woman who appears to be in continuous search of affection, even if it means losing herself in her relationships.

From the first answer, the tone is given of what will be Cassandra's testimony. To Julia, she calls David a leech - Julia remains speechless, and stops taking notes of the interview. She explains her relationship with David. That was two years ago. It was after her husband died suddenly. The fact of having become David's mistress reassured her, flattered her. After all, he was the husband of the beautiful and rich Madeline Capwell. Their relationship was not ideal : David organized her whole life, she felt imprisoned. She realized it a few months after the beginning of their relationship. That is why, a few months after the beginning of their adventure, she chose to break up.

She explains to Julia that David was literally obsessed with Madeline... but that it was not love. And while she describes to Julia the qualities of her former lover (which does not fail to trouble Julia), the two women are interrupted by Davis's arrival. Cassandra's attitude changes when seeing her former lover, and a more fragile woman is guessed, under the appearance of the determined woman that she built for the day.

In the evening, Cassandra comes back to see Julia to reverse her statement; she wants to tell her the truth before leaving the city. She confesses to her that, contrary to what she told her earlier, it was not her who put an end to their affair. However, she confirmed that after their first meeting, she saw David again...

Strangely, during the trial, the name of Cassandra Dunn will not be pronounced. And yet her description of David, as Julia will realize it a few months later, really reflected the man he is...

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