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Identity   Interpreter

Former known girlfriend : Ming Li (1988)

Profession : Personal assistant of Major Phillip Hamilton


Brian Tochi :
April 28 1988 (# 942) to September 07 1988 (# 1034)


Discreet but effective, Kai is the young personal assistant of Major Phillip Hamilton who accompanies him in Santa Barbara when this latter comes to move there. Grateful for life to the Major to have saved him when he was a child, Kai dedicates an unlimited admiration to his master. He even shows himself almost jealous when he accommodates for a while Victoria Lane and her son Chip in their big villa.

By investigating into Ming Li, the daughter whom Cain Garver found in Vietnam, Kai discovers that she is an usurper and that she lied on her identity. He warns the Major, happy to seize a new weapon to annihilate Cain, his forever enemy. This one orders to Ming Li to seduce Cain to drive him crazy and to destroy his couple with Andrea Bedford. Kai becomes disenchanted when he discovers this project, contrived by a threat for Ming Li to see herself extradited from the United States if she does not obey.

Always respectful of the Major's orders, Kai presses Ming Li to comply and shows himself even sometimes hard when he treats her of being a prostitute. But sensitive to the girls's distress, he backtracks and, for the first time, he lies to his master. Back from Cain's, he claims having seen him through the window making love with Ming Li. The Major believes his victory to arrive. But questioned in detail by this one, Ming Li does not succeed in convincing him. The Major, furious, threatens Kai of reprisals.

United by an origin and a common fate, that Major Hamilton's slave, Kai and Ming Li eventually get) closer. Surprised by Phillip while he kisses Ming Li on the beach, Kai feels his hour arriving. He knows that the Major is sending people to expel them towards Vietnam. He presses Ming Li to leave the city immediately to run away with him.

If Ming Li waits to see Cain again a last time to apologize for her lies, Kai, as for him, disappears without farewells. He leaves the man who saved him, raised him, but at the same time alienated him, to become finally for the first time master of his life...

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