Blackie Simpson




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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Mobster


Gary Hudson :
April 30 1990 (# 1450)


Blackie Simpson's name is pronounced for the first time in a conversation between Augusta Lockridge Tonell and Craig Hunt. Very quickly, Gina Capwell, who hears this name, understands the potential and the benefits she could obtain by discovering the link between Blackie and Augusta.

As a real mobster, Blackie lives in a suite in a Las Vegas hotel. He hides compromising videotapes in a secret hiding place in his suite, a hiding place that Bunny Tagliatti will discover during his search.

Blackie is a real seducer, sure of himself, certain of his irresistible charm with women; it is in tuxedo that he tries to charm (and to get drunk too) Gina who occupies him while Bunny searches for evidence. And it is with ease that he forces Gina to follow him in his suite, where a bottle of champagne awaits them, but also Bunny who has no other possibility than to hide under the bed.

However, Blackie, in spite of his talents, gets duped by Gina who, while resisting his advances, manages to maintain the illusion that she will eventually yield to him. She manages to get Bunny out of the room, discreetly.

The face-to-face between Gina and Blackie ends with Gina's victory with the theft of a compromising videotape; tape that will allow her to beat Augusta at her own game...

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