Richard Sedgewick




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of death : 1991

Married to : Renata Sedgewick (19??-1991)

Children : Diane Sedgewick, Richard Sedgewick

  Former known girlfriend : Kelly Capwell (1991)

Profession : Singer


Chard Hayward :
March 11 1991 (# 1667) to April 15 1991 (# 1692)


In spring 1991, appears Richard Sedgewick, an old friend of the Capwell family. He comes to visit Kelly Capwell at the hospital after she miscarried and lost Quinn Armitage's baby. Richard shows himself very thoughtful with Kelly, kind and comforting.

Famous singer, Richard makes concerts after concerts, from the White House to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.. It is besides on the occasion of one with his galas that he suggests to Kelly to accompany him in the American capital. He gets closer to her, succeeding in seducing her whereas she is in the middle of a love crisis. In the hotel they share in Washington, Richard joins one evening Kelly in her room and speaks to her about his wife and their children, a family which belongs to the past for him. But, suffering from cardiac problems, Richard has a heart attack while, for the first time, he dares to kiss Kelly. Incapable to seize his pills, he has only one idea in mind : to make Kelly promise to keep their relation secret. He dies from a violent heart attack in Kelly's room. Kelly panics and then calls Quinn for his help. This latter puts Richard's dead body in his room and makes it so that it is discovered by the security service of the hotel.

According to Richard's last wills, Kelly assures his wife, Renata, that Richard was alone at the time of his death. Renata's doubts and the suspicions of police officer Michael Donnelly urge finally Kelly to recognize that she was well with Richard at the time of his death. But she gets out of it without consequences, as Richard would have wanted it in any case. A respectful conclusion of the memory of the singer...

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