Clara Beecham




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Child : Cal Beecham

Profession : Nurse


Jeanne Hepple :
November 02 1990 (# 1582) to November 09 1990 (# 1587)


Single woman, Clara Beecham is a retired nurse who lives in a very simple wood house in New Orleans. The arrival of Robert Barr in her life will stagger the precarious balance she had managed to build after her son's death.

Solicited by Rima Beaufort, it is with natural that she agrees to drive Robert Barr home, feverish and delirious following his bite by a snake. She puts him on her house couch and takes care of him, refreshes his face with water, while never stopping talking to him. She seems very happy with this situation. And very quickly, her mind transforms reality to help her overcome her pain. She sees in Robert the living memory of her son Cal, now deceased. And it is naturally that she does not understand when Robert, half-conscious, asks her to call Kelly Capwell or when he tells her that he does not know her.

With Rima's help, she takes care of Robert, gives him medicines and herbal teas. The unstable balance of her life seems to find a new stability thanks to the presence of Robert, substitute for her son.

And when she comes home from shopping and finds Cruz Castillo supporting Robert, she feels the fear of losing her son again. She has no alternative but to threaten him with a knife. Clara remains deaf to Cruz's explanations. She does not understand what he says to her : no, this man is not named Robert Barr. It is only when Cruz speaks to her about Robert's state of health that she seems to be touched by his words. She is well aware that he is sick, that the fever does not decrease. Disarmed by Cruz, she cries, fearing to lose Robert.

And as Robert prepares to leave his benefactor, he is stopped by the unexpected arrival of Sheriff Roy Beaufort. And Clara can no longer save Robert from Roy's clutches, who takes her patient to a harsher fate...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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