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Profession : Chambermaid


Evelyn Guerrero :
April 04 1986 (# 429) to April 07 1986 (# 430)


Maid in a small motel in the city, she arrives with clean towels to clean the bedroom rented by Madeline Laurent. When she goes into the room, she does not immediately see the drama that just happened.

If she is called out by Pearl Bradford who orders her to contact a doctor urgently, she does not seem to realize the situation immediately. Then, all of a sudden, she starts screaming : she has just seen Madeline's bloody body, lying on the floor, with a man above her (Pearl checking for her pulse), a hammer full of blood nearby. Everything seems clear to her : Madeline Capwell was murdered and her murderer could be the man in the room.

She pushes a big howl and then runs away by dropping her towels. Off screen, she rushes to contact the police. She then recognizes, in front of Cruz Castillo, Courtney Capwell and the police officers who have already arrested Pearl, that she saw him above Madeline's body.

The first possible suspect for the murder of Madeline is thus identified...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Evelyn Guerrero